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Reviews are very important, they show you an honest track record of what you can expect when you choose Sandlin Realtors as your Real Estate Brokerage. We have thirty-nine 5 STAR reviews on our Facebook page. Here some examples of what people say about our Services.

Benjamin Hilderbrand of West Union Ohio 5 Stars Review

“Sandlin realtors help me, and my wife buy our first home that was for sale by owner they didn’t even have a listing on it! We both work 40+ hours a week. Sandlin Realtors made the buying process easy and available to our schedules. Joey Sandlin is a man of integrity and honesty which comes hard to find these days.”

Angela Miller of Seaman Ohio 5 Stars Review

“Very professional. Highly recommended. Joey Sandlin is compassionate person through and through. I will go to him for all my future realtor needs. He will help from beginning to end. Not like any other realtor I've dealt with. Very good man.”

Joy Bickle Hilderbrand Blue Creek Ohio 5 Stars Review

“We had a wonderful experience selling our properties with Sandlin Realtors. Joey is a very reputable man. He took care of our sale very quickly and efficiently.”

Jerry Dean Akers Peebles Ohio 5 Stars Review

“We bought our house thru Sandlin Realtors and closed Sept 2016, he was helpful throughout the process. From suggesting a good finance agent to helping us thru the USDA loan process he was always available with information and was forth coming in answering any questions we had about each step of the process. I would recommend his agency to anyone, anytime.”

Freeda Nelson Blue Creek Ohio 5 Stars Review

“The best realtor to have! Professional, courteous and always working on meeting his client’s needs! He doesn't try to sell you what you don't want just to get a sale. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”

Brent Denning of Manchester Ohio 5 Stars Review

“Sandlin Realtors......what can you say...Joey wouldn't be selling so much if he wasn't blessed and doing something right. Joey Sandlin will be the man I will be looking up when I need to purchase property, or want to inquire about real estate, keep up the good work and congratulations on the business's explosive growth”.

Shawn Francis of West Union Ohio 5 Stars Review

“I can say Joey worked hard on contract for us. When the deal did not work from the seller. He helped us with another building and he made 0 money on the deal. You don’t find realtor like this every day. Thanks Joey”

Bonnie Briggs of Lynx Ohio 5 Stars Review

“We listed with Joey Sandlin. He treated us well and is professional in all respects. I would recommend him to all! If need to sell or buy call Sandlin Realtors.”

Bessie James of Louisville Kentucky 5 Stars Review

“Joey Sandlin is a man of integrity and will not sugar coat anything. He not only has his realtor license in Ohio but also in Kentucky. He will find the right house for you that is not going to break your budget. He is a wonderful man whom I trust.”